R&D Center


R&D Center

Taizhou R&D Center of Shandong Zhanhua Yonghao Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is sited in Sanshangang District of Jiaojiang in Taizhou. It is mainly engaged in new product research and process optimization of current products.

Our company has 15 researchers, including 10 with bachelor degree or above and 5 with college degree. 12 of them are with 8 years or more experience. In addition, there is research equipment in full specification, for example, high-pressure reactions till, low temperature and constant temperature precision circulating slot. We are great in high temperature, high pressure and low temperature reaction. Meanwhile we have advanced analysis facilities, such as, gas chromatograph, high performance liquid chromatograph, Karl-fischer moisture meter, potentiometric titrator and etc.

Core technology:
1. cyanation (30% sodium cyanide aqueous solution)
2. claisen condensation reaction
3. Grignard reaction
4. friedel-crafts acylation
5. oxidizing reaction (hydrogen peroxide)
6. bromination reaction(bromine)

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