Common HIV/AIDS Symptoms in Women


There are also some specific HIV symptoms in women that would not affect men, including:

-Increased frequency of vaginal yeast infections
-Abnormal menstrual cycles
-Severe pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
-An increased risk of cervical cancer
-A pregnant woman may potentially pass HIV on to her baby

HIV and women

Common HIV symptoms in women include:

-Pain and fever symptoms as a result of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
-Yeast, bladder, or urinary infections
-Additional STD outbreaks, such as Human papillomavirus
-Changes in menstrual cycle

One of the most common HIV symptoms in women is having an irregular period, which could cause changes in bleeding, discharge, or PMS symptoms. Additionally, many HIV-positive women experience pain in their upper belly or during sex.

Since the virus also increases the body’s susceptibility to other sexually-transmitted infections, infertility is a high risk for women with HIV.

Seeking treatment as soon as possible is the best course of action, so getting tested often is crucial for anyone who is sexually active or may otherwise contract HIV.


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