4 Conditions HIV Needs to Survive


HIV often dies within minutes of leaving the body. HIV can survive outside of the body for longer periods if specific conditions are met:

HIV infection

-Colder temperatures: Temperatures below 39 degrees F are ideal for HIV. HIV does not do well at room temperature (68 degrees F) and is even less viable at body temperature (98.6 degrees F).

-Neutral pH: HIV thrives when pH levels are neutral, around 7.0. The virus cannot survive for very long at pH levels below 7.0 (considered acidic) or above 8.0 (considered alkaline).

-UV exposure: Ultraviolet (UV) radiation quickly degrades the viral envelope of HIV. Even if the virus were to survive, any damage to the lipid shell would make it incapable of attaching to cells to infect.

-Dried blood: HIV can survive in dried blood at room temperature for up to six days. However, the concentration of viruses in dried blood is almost invariably low, and the viruses themselves would be damaged and nonviable for infection.


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