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Take care of your body and stay away from AIDS

Date: 2022/11/24

AIDS is a very dangerous infectious disease, caused by infection with HIV virus. HIV is a virus that can attack the human immune system. It takes the most important CD4T lymphocytes in the human immune system as the main target, destroys a large number of stem cells, and makes the human body lose immune function. Moreover, after infection with HIV, the human body is prone to infection of various diseases, and can occur malignant tumors, with a high fatality rate.

AIDS has 5 characteristics, it is recommended to understand

1. The main transmission route of AIDS
Mother and child, blood, body fluids, etc., is the main mode of transmission of AIDS, especially the blood transmission probability is particularly high!

2.The incidence of young adults
The age of onset is 80% between 18 and 45 years old, during which the private life is very rich. However, after HIV infection, there are some special diseases, such as pneumocystis pneumonia, toxoplasmosis, mycobacterium atypical and fungal infections.

3. It attacks the body's immune system
HIV does not destroy an organ of the human body, but will attack the immune system of the human body. HIV belongs to the T4 lymphocytic and neurocytic virus, destroy the immune system of the human body and destroy brain tissue, causing certain damage to the body.

4. There is no vaccine
With the development of medical technology, many diseases can be effectively controlled, but AIDS is an acquired virus. There is no vaccine to prevent AIDS, and even more frightening is the difficulty of thorough treatment after infection.

5. "Invisible people" have become a major problem in prevention and control
The so-called "invisible people" refer to those who are infected with HIV but not discovered. According to the data, about 32.1% of the infected people in our countries are not discovered. The existence of "invisible people" has increased the difficulty of AIDS prevention and control.

How to be a person who "AIDS" does not "love"?

1.Treasure yourself
Because AIDS is mainly spread through dirty personal contact, it is important to learn to be clean and self-loving.

2. Do not use drugs or shared syringes:
Drug use itself is harmful to human body, not to mention many drug users have unclean sexual behavior. Some drugs are injected with needles, and most users are not in the habit of sterilizing needles. Once a person with HIV uses a needle, the next person who uses the needle is at risk of developing AIDS.

3. Don't use other people's private items:
A man was infected with HIV after accidentally cutting himself with his roommate's razor. If you want to prevent AIDS, never use other people's personal items, such as razors, toothbrushes, mouthwash, etc.

4. Avoid unnecessary blood exposure: such as cosmetic surgery, tattooing, ear piercing, pedicure and other operation behaviors, which have blood exposure, if the above must be carried out
Operation behavior, do not map cheap operation room or no health certificate of the institution to do this high-risk operation behavior.

How does AIDS patient maintain the body?

1.Overcome the psychological pressure to treat the condition calmly, accept the reality, don't lose heart, to keep hope, don't give up.
Infected with HIV should pass scientific standard antiviral treatment, also can live like ordinary people.

2. Balanced intake of nutrition
Diet should be high energy and high protein, eat more soy products, eggs, milk and meat, and pay attention to food hygiene, so as to avoid infection of bacteria.

3.Give up the bad habit of smoking and drinking
Alcohol abuse and smoking will reduce immune function, damage the lungs and respiratory tract, increase the metabolic burden of the liver, accelerate the development of the disease, we must change the bad habits of smoking and drinking, balance and enhance the body nutrition, improve health.

Reminder: Patients need to go to the hospital regularly for examination, can immediately observe the adverse reactions and efficacy of drugs, under the guidance of the doctor to change the way of treatment.

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